Stengel Brothers Outdoors - Deer Processing

How we differ from the rest:
We take the time to dry age your deer in a 34 degree cooler for a minimum of five days for improved flavor and to get rid of that gamy taste. We also pay very close attention to remove all of the fat from the meat to give you a leaner meat with less of that wild taste everyone associates with deer. We pride ourselves in being the cleanest facility possible, and providing the absolute best customer service. 

The deer you bring us is the deer you get back. It is tagged throughout our butchering process to ensure that you will get the deer back you dropped off with us, even on our specialty cuts, such as sausage and jerky.  

Holiday Hours
Dec 24 8-1pm
Dec 25 Closed

Dec 31 8-1pm
Jan 1Closed
Drop off cooler will be open 24/7 , please follow instructions that are located next to the cooler door. All deer placed in drop off cooler must be field dressed.
And $50.00 deposit required at drop off. (cash/check only)


We have partnered with Fayette Cares to provide venison to the hungry families in Fayette County from the deer that are donated by our area hunters.

Listen to us on the Radio:
We are partnered with Larry Rea Outdoors radio show. We will be live on select Saturday mornings on ESPN790 as we sit in with Larry in the Studio. Possible live show from the storefront, more details to come.

Also, hear our ad on 98.1 The MaxKix 106, and WMOD 97.7 FM Radio all day




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